With over 10 year experience in learning, practising and receiving Traditional Thai Massage, I am now feeling ready to share my knowledge of this wonderful Healing Art with others. 

Thai Massage Workshop series #3:

I'm back at the stunning TripSpace in Hackney for another series of Workshops.

This year it's longer and more detailed: it will allow us to travel the whole Body from the feet up to the head, as in the traditional way of this ancient Thai Healing Art.

You can join us for one, few or all the steps we will take to journey along this temple that is our Body. If our Body is healthy, open and free of blockages, so are our Mind & Soul.

Step by step we will be working each part of the body applying weird & wonderful techniques ranging from palming, pressure points, and stretching. We will learn to use the whole of our body to achieve incredible results. And if our home is healthy and clear of blockages, so are our mind & soul.

A complete Thai Yoga Massage is a beautifully choreographed & meditative dance around & with the body of your receiver, which will make you both feel energised, relaxed and balanced on a physical & energetic level. It’s a bit like doing yoga & having yoga done to you! Poetry in movement.

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  1. Feet - Sat 16th Feb 2019 - 3-5pm - TripSpace

Feet that carry you everywhere, feet that walk in shoes, on the grass, on the sand, feet that mould to everything to enable you to stand. They connect us to the earth, they are our roots. Considering that the sole of the foot is not only the map of your body, but also the starting point of a network of connective tissue that runs all the way up to the head, they are connected to everything that is you, and this is why every Thai Massage starts with working the foot. 

During this workshop we will learn techniques to relax the foot and open the spaces between bones to allow it to widen, help us stand more stable and walk through life effortlessly.

  1. Legs -9th March 2019 - 3-5pm - TripSpace

Legs walking us to and from, legs running jumping or walking slowly, legs that bend over a chair too long. Legs do so much work for us and yet when we go for a massage all we want/need is work on our back without realising that the back depends so much on the state of the legs.

During this workshop we will release tension accumulated on the legs, free them from stagnating energy, making them strong and steady so that the rest of our body can move freely whilst being safely grounded: think of a tree where the feet are the roots, the legs are the trunk and the rest of the body is the crown – when the tree trunk falls apart so does the crown.

  1. Hips -13th Apr 2019 - 3-5pm - TripSpace

Hips: the seat of emotions, the link to the lower back and the upper body, the base of the spine that journeys to the higher self. They support the weight of our body in both static and dynamic postures. One of the most important joints of the body, by nature one of the most flexible but generally very tight in sedentary life.

During this workshop we will free the hips of imbalances and open them up to gain freedom of movement. We will work into the largest muscle of the body, the gluteus maximus, which will indirectly but powerfully influence the lower back, helping us transition to the next session.

  1. Back - 18th May 2019 - 3-5pm - TripSpace

Back, often a word followed by ‘pain’. Held upright by the spine, which is the primary power line of the body and where 5 of the chakras find their alignment, it’s the physical form of the central meridian of the body. As with all other meridians it needs to be free for the energy to run along it.

Misalignment of the spine or an issue around any vertebrae and everything else will fall into imbalance.

During this workshop we will use various tools to free the back of tension and elongate it, stretching it in different ways to bring it back to its own central axis and balance.

  1. Front torso - 14th Sept 2019 - 3-5pm - TripSpace

Heart, Organs, Hara (the belly) are the centre of the world that is our body. So much happens here, so much is born here, and almost everything gets processed here: not only food but also emotions and instincts.

During this workshop we will soften the areas around these vital parts, promoting oxygenation to the organs so that they can work better and we can breathe fully and easily, as well as opening or heart to the world around us.

  1. Arms & Hands – 12th Oct 2019 - 3-5pm - TripSpace

Our arms reach out to give, take and reject; our hands connect us to everything & everyone around. Arms and Hands get tired but never rest, especially in modern times when our ‘down time’ often means scrolling on our phones or typing an email.

During this workshop we will learn to release the energy stuck in the arms and hands and the tension we accumulate due to the huge amount of repetitive movements we carry out in our daily life. Expect a deeply relaxing session and an increase in sensitivity in your hands and a sense of freedom in your arms.

  1. Shoulders - 9th Nov 2019 - 3-5pm - TripSpace

Linking the Back with the Neck, shoulders are a space that invites tension to find its home, whether it’s due to repetitive strain, posture, sleeping badly, work overload or stress. They can become extremely stiff without us even realising it, and whatever happens in the shoulders will no doubt impact the neck as well.

During this workshop we will learn how to release tension, create space between the two shoulder blades, between shoulder blades and spine, between the top of the shoulders and the ears. We will work to release tension and increase mobility using a wide range of techniques.

  1. Neck & Face - 7th Dec 2019 - 3-5pm - TripSpace

The neck is the gateway between the body and the mind. Tension in the neck can make us feel disconnected from the body and influence the flow of blood to the brain. The face expresses our feelings and those expressions, if continuous, can literally change the shape of our face by designing the wrinkles that we will carry as our skin ages, so you want to be smiling as much as possible!

In this workshop we will apply gentle but effective techniques to release the neck and the skull and we will finish off with a face massage and invite the focus to go inwards and deeply relax, to complete our journey along this sacred temple that is our body.


Yin Yoga & Thai Massage 

A workshop with Ariadne & Danila

Sunday 20th January 2-4pm at Mudra Yoga London, Stoke Newington

Join my wonderful yoga teacher Ariadne and myself for a 2hr body and mind treat with a nourishing yin yoga practice accompanied by Thai Massage assists. Ariadne will guide you through a yin yoga sequence with long holds designed to help you release tension in various areas of the body, while I will use Thai Massage techniques to assist your body to experience the poses deeper and more effectively. Assists will be offered throughout the yin practice when appropriate.
The workshop will end with a guided relaxation and a head & neck massage.

For bookings: www.mudrayogalondon.com

Yin Yoga & Thai Massage


THAI YOGA MASSAGE Level 1 – ITM certificate 30hrs

2019 dates TBC

This is a certified and accredited course open for existing massage therapists (Level3) or anyone looking to become one.

ONE2ONE THAI YOGA MASSAGE Level 1 – ITM certificate 30hrs

email for pricing and flexible dates arrangements

This is a certified and accredited course open for existing massage therapists (Level3) or anyone looking to become one.


Danila's Thai Yoga massage's workshop was wonderful. Her manner is calm and gentle and she sets up a welcoming and nourishing atmosphere. Everyone in the room felt comfortable and at ease. The material was broken down with great detail and her instructions were always very clear: all in the room could follow the sequencing, none ever felt out of their depth. During the workshop Danila made space for questions and a tad of banter so the material was kept enjoyable. light and fun. By the end of the workshop we all learnt a great Thai massage  sequence that we could then use with friends and family. Cherry on the cake: the next day we received the sequence in written format for us to use in the future. - Giuliana Majo, Yoga Studio Manager, Workshop in London 2018

Patient, sweet, communicative, emphatic, well prepared teacher... Couldn't ask for more! Excellent course!!! - SC, 3day Retreat in Italy 2018