Welcome to my new BOOKING page!

We are finally back on the Massage Table!!!

You can now book online for both Online Self-Care & Wellness sessions, as well as our much missed Hands-on Massage sessions



We meet for a 15m thorough consultation to assess your issue, pain or discomfort. After testing your range of motion I will take you through some simple stretching and we will arrange the second part of the treatment for you, one or two days later

2.Online Session: 

We meet for a 30min session where I will take you through the protocol I have designed specifically for your needs.

3.Follow up:

As and when you need we can meet again, or if you prefer we set up a series of sessions together so we can monitor changes and improvements.


There will be a few changes we all need to get used to, it's important you read the new protocol here


please book the 1st visit Massage Consultation (60 or 90min) via Zoom and make the payment.

During the consultation we will book you in for the hands-on session of the duration you chose. (Please note the price you pay at the start includes this session as well)


You can book by contacting myself or the Clinics directly, please book a day or two in advance so we can have a short phone catch up before the treatment.