Lorimer Moseley - Why Things Hurt

What is pain? Is it in the tissues? Is it in the brain?

How to heal Chronic Pain

Undoubtedly the best 2 hours of your life if you suffer from chronic pain

Pain and me

Professor Tamar Pincus shares her interpretation of her research on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for chronic pain


Resistance band workouts

Great fitness channel, with a wide variety of strengthening, cardio and resistance band workouts, as well as pilates. 


Paula Andreewitch Yoga

A large library of inspiring Yoga practices, exploration of Somatic movement, chanting and philosophy.

Dynamic Yoga Flow with Dina 

Senior Yoga teacher specializing in dynamic flow, restorative and chair yoga, both online and in her wonderful Goldendoor studio in Archway

 Yin Yoga with Norman 

There are times when the practice of softness and stillness is required, to bring us back to the quietness inside


Insight Timer app

A useful library of free guided meditations, calming music, breathing techniques and a simple timer you can use to start a self-practice. The paid version gives you access to courses.

Tara Brach

One of the best buddhist meditation & mindfulness teachers. 


Yoga Nidra for Sleep

My favorite sleeping aid when I need some help. Jennifer has a few different versions available on Insight Timer and they all work beautifully for me.