• The Levator Scapulae (in yellow) is a deep muscle hidden beneath the SCM and the Trapezius.  As the name suggests its action is that of elevating the scapula, which it literally picks up from the superior angle. Our posture tends to elevate the scapula by default, as stress loads the
  • The Sternocleidomastoid (coloured in blue) is the muscle that decides whether it’s a Yes or a No! As you flex your head to say Yes the SCM activates, it does the same as you slightly rotate from one side to the other to say NO. Personally I get a sense
  • Meditation
    Life has the ability to allow us to forget to be with ourselves. We are constantly running from place to place, stressed, overworked and overwhelmed. We don’t have time to exercise or to cook a wholesome meal, we end up rushing through a million tasks, we speak without weighing the
  • Scalenes attachments
    The Scalenes, a muscle composed of 3 strips found the lateral sides of the neck (in purple), are to me one of the most important muscles of the upper body. This may seem strange, but the reasons are truly fascinating.As well as being responsible for movements of the neck and
  • Fascia
    A few years ago I started developing an interest in Fascia. The Fascia movement was growing rapidly and passionately, I didn’t know how this system worked so I started attending workshops on self-myofascial release: it certainly felt amazing in my own body, but I still had no idea how important
  • Massage
    The pandemic affected both our physical and mental health and a lot of people are in desperate need of help, but sadly massage therapy is not available to us. If we want to look at our Health System in a truly holistic way, it’s helpful to take into account the biopsychosocial

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