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THAI YOGA MASSAGE Level 1 – ITM certificate

2024 dates TBC

This certified and accredited course is open for existing massage therapists (Level3) or anyone looking to become one. It establishes the foundation of a professional Thai Massage practice. Upon completion, students will be able to perform a full body 1.5-hour Thai Massage.

This is a 6-day course with can be divided into either 2 modules of 3 days each, or 3 modules of 2 days each. This allows students time to practice at home and come back with any questions.

A full practical and theoretical professional training in the art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. The teaching is based on the complete programme as taught at ITM in Chiang Mai by Master Chongkol Setthakorn, following the Old Medicine Hospital lineage.

The course covers practical aspects such as stretches, acupressure, the appropriate and safe use of body mechanics as well as traditional techniques using thumbs, palms, elbows and feet. The concept of meridians/energy lines (SEN lines) is introduced. 

Each day begins by paying respect to the Thai lineage with the traditional Om Namo chant and includes a theory lecture, two sequence demonstrations and supervised practice.

Over the 6 days we will learn:

  •       A full-body Thai Massage sequence in the 4 positions – prone, supine, side and sitting.
  •       The location of the Sen Energy lines and how to work them.
  •       Compression techniques using thumbs, palms, elbows and feet.
  •       Applied passive stretching.
  •       An overview of the history of Thai Massage and its theory.
  •       Client consultation, contraindications, indications.
  •       Postural awareness and body mechanics.

Course Materials

The course material for this course include:

  •       A detailed manual containing a step-by-step guide to all practical techniques.
  •       Notes of all theory lectures
  •       Body Maps to draw the SEN meridian location.
  •       A bibliography for recommended reading will be provided during the course.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, students will:

  • Gain good knowledge of how to give a safe and effective full-body Traditional Thai massage treatment to practitioner standards.
  • Review elemental anatomy to get familiar with the Thai Sen meridian system.
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to apply the correct techniques safely and according to the needs and limitations of their clients.
  • Be able to provide a treatment with minimal impact on their own body.
  • Learn the basics of the Theory and History of Traditional Thai Massage and its application in the modern world.

Class Format

Each day begins by paying respect to the Thai lineage with the traditional Om Namo chant, followed by a short lecture. There will be 2 practical lessons: step-by-step demonstration of the series of movements in the sequences where students will be encouraged to take notes and follow along in the manual. 

Students will practice on each other under close supervision. No more than 8 students will attend each course to allow everyone to benefit from my full attention.

There is time for discussion, questions, review, and integration of the material. 


Day schedule:

  • Theory (Introduction To Thai Massage, Body Mechanics, Contraindications and Touch, History of Thai Massage)
  • Demonstration Lesson 1
  • Supervised practice
  • Lunch
  • Demonstration Lesson 2
  • Supervised practice

(on the final day the afternoon lessons will be replaced by the Exam)


Students are required to attend at least 90% of the classes to receive an ITM Certificate accredited by the Thailand Ministry of Education


Danila led the Thai Massage workshop with mindful approach and clear demonstration and instruction. I learnt not only the massage techniques and skill, I was also able to make body and mind connection with myself and the person I was working with. Learning massage with her was a wonderful way for me to give something back people I love. Now that I have a taste and some tools of how to do it I will follow the path and learn more

WL – Receptionist, Workshop in London 2018

Danila's Thai Yoga massage's workshop was wonderful. Her manner is calm and gentle and she sets up a welcoming and nourishing atmosphere. Everyone in the room felt comfortable and at ease. The material was broken down with great detail and her instructions were always very clear: all in the room could follow the sequencing, none ever felt out of their depth. During the workshop Danila made space for questions and a tad of banter so the material was kept enjoyable. light and fun. By the end of the workshop we all learnt a great Thai massage sequence that we could then use with friends and family. Cherry on the cake: the next day we received the sequence in written format for us to use in the future.

- Giuliana Majo, Yoga Studio Manager, Workshop in London 2018

Patient, sweet, communicative, emphatic, well prepared teacher... Couldn't ask for more! Excellent course!!!

- SC, 3day Retreat in Italy 2018