The pandemic affected both our physical and mental health and a lot of people are in desperate need of help, but sadly massage therapy is not available to us.

If we want to look at our Health System in a truly holistic way, it’s helpful to take into account the biopsychosocial model.

Thebiopsychosocial model reflects the development of illness through the complex interaction of biological factors (genetic, biochemical, etc.), psychological factors (mood, personality, behaviours, etc.) and social factors (cultural, familial, socioeconomic, medical, etc.)*

Covid’s impact on our social interactions has been dramatic and it will have repercussions for a very long time, even after life returns to normal. The balance between these 3 factors is disrupted.


The skin is the body’s largest sensory organ (although recent studies are looking into fascia being the richest sensory organ) and we already know that Touch is the first sense to develop, as early as in the womb. Touch is so important for our wellbeing and happiness, it can release stress, boost our immune system and convey positive emotions, amongst many other huge benefits.**

It is very sad to think that over 50% of people may not have experienced enough touch in life***


Here is a little ritual I use in the morning, which is very helpful in minimising the impact of the Social Restrictions we are living with:

  • Upon waking in the morning have a big stretch in bed, take as much space as you can reach then curl up with your knees hugged into your chest, in a foetal position.
  • Roll onto your side and sit up in bed, place your feet on the floor and feel the contact of the soles of your feet with the floor. Rub the palms of your hands vigorously to create some heat, place your hands over your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Gently but slide your hands down over your cheeks, side of the neck, chest, belly, top of the thighs, lower legs, top of the feet. Repeat as many times as you like, you may even like the idea of using short brushing type of movements, rather than one smooth sliding.
  • Use your right hand to slide or brush down the left arm, then the left hand onto the right arm
  • Shake your hands and let go of the night behind you
  • Give yourself a hug and start your day


As our experience of the world dramatically changed over the course of the last year, so has my practice. New ideas & opportunities have come out of these strange times, and that has been an exciting journey for me.

Online-Self Care Therapy was born out of the need to work within these new strange Social Distancing guidelines (which I would rather call Physical Distancing personally)

Since the first lockdown, I have been inspired and guided by my amazing teachers at Jing Advanced Massage School, as they developed and pioneered this new form of Therapy, which is designed to empower Clients to help themselves.

Teaching Clients skills they can use to bring relief from acute or chronic pain, improve mobility and reduce stress gives them an invaluable tool to help managing pain and stress with simple and safe evidence-based self-care strategies such as self-massage, finding and treating trigger point, mindfulness, stretches and fascial release.

I offer a free comprehensive Zoom Consultation, which will enable me to design & deliver a Tailored Protocol via an online session which can be booked & paid for online: www.sen-massagetherapy/online-self-care-wellness/

For your free Consultation get in touch via email:

Sessions for Frontline workers are completely free.





How can you replace the Touch of your Massage Therapist?

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